Spotlight on EPIC - Renewable Energy in Pacific Islands: Developing Skills and Capacity

Date: 20 September 2017

Related Project: Renewable energy in Pacific islands: Developing Skills and Capacity

The EPIC project implemented by the University of Alicante with the universities of Fiji and Papua New Guinea, aimed at increasing the awareness of the importance of renewable energy sources, especially in countries like Fiji and Papua New Guinea, and of increasing skilled human resources in the field.

Implementing a master degree in the field as well as creating two centres of renewable energy considerably contributed to this objective. As a result regional cooperation in renewable energy has increased.

After 3 years of implementation the EPIC has developed and implemented a master degree programme in renewable energy management in both target countries and has established the Centre of Renewable Energy (CORE).

The following milestones have been reached by the intervention:

  • A needs analysis related to renewable energy competencies and was conducted within the partner institutions.
  • Over 50 staff members (academic and research) have been trained. Training activities have been designed specifically for the each of the partner HEIs, tailor made to take into account their specific local contexts and needs.
  • 2 master programmes on Renewable Energy Management were designed, recognised and implemented in both institutions counting with over 20 students enrolled already in the first edition.
  • 2 Centres of Renewable Energy were established and equipped accordingly aiming at boosting future collaboration in the field of renewable energy between the main stakeholders.
  • 2 Regional Conferences in Renewable Energy were celebrated counting with over 150 participants from local, national and international community.

The universities of Fiji and of Papua New Guinea have been very successful in disseminating the results and benefits of the intervention, reaching out to local and regional society, industry and government representatives.

The EPIC project has nominated two persons to represent their project. Priyatma Singh, as a lecturer and Head of Department at the University of Fiji and Chalapan Kaluwin who is a professor at the University of Papua New Guinea.

Spotlight:  Priyatma Singh, Lecturer and Head of Department, University of Fiji

Spotlight: Chalapan Kaluwin, Professor, University of Papua New Guinea.

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