Spotlight: Chalapan Kaluwin, Professor, University of Papua New Guinea.

Date: 27 September 2017

Related Project: Renewable energy in Pacific islands: Developing Skills and Capacity

SPOTLIGHT: Chalapan KALUWIN is 62 years old and lives in Papua New Guinea. He acts as Professor at the University of Papua New Guinea.

The EPIC Project and its relevance

The project aligns with the country's overall energy policy priorities including taking climate change and mitigation strategies into consideration. It also offers support in the field of research and capacity building.
The project has enabled the University of PNG to develop research in renewable energy and technology. A Master Degree programme has been developed at the University of PNG and renewable energy technologies have been tested and applied for solar water boiling systems. Awareness has been raised on the importance of renewable energies and technologies and limited natural resources.

Have you identified any impact to date?

This project really brought awareness towards the importance of renewable energy resources and technology, both at University and national levels. Long term sustainable measures are being taken, that will sustainably impact PNG energy policy introducing solar energy. 

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