IDIAF participating in an international diploma focused on technological advances in aquaculture and aquaponics

Date: 4 October 2017

Related Project: Pioneering Education for Sustainability of Caribbean Aquaculture Development & Opportunities

The Dominican Institute of Agricultural and Forestry Research (IDIAF), the Catholic University of Cibao (Ucateci) and ISA University, are implementing an international diploma on "Technological Advances in Aquaculture and Aquaculture of the Dominican Republic", the programme began Saturday September 30, 2017 in Ucateci, La Vega.

The diploma is part of the training and technology transfer component of Ucateci and ISA universities; and the PESCADO Project, which was an intervention implemented by three universities (University of Stirling, University of Guyana and ISA University) and sponsored by the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States Secretariat and the European Union.

IDIAF, through its aquaculture specialists based at the Experimental Aquaculture Station in Santiago, will collaborate with qualified human resources serving as facilitators of the diploma.

The aim of the diploma is to promote academic and technical training programs specialized in aquaculture, at the university level and is aimed at professionals and technicians in the agricultural sector, including agricultural producers. The purpose is to transmit knowledge and cutting-edge technologies that serve to promote the most relevant aspects of aquaculture and aquaponics throughout the national territory.

This is the second diploma taught in the country on the subject and will be supported by national and international lecturers, experts in aquaculture and aquaponics, among them: Dr. Jesús Rodríguez (Cuba), engineer Patricio Mena (Chile), engineer Richard Leclert (France), engineer Victorino Rodríguez Castillo (ISA University), technician Francisco Antonio Cruz (FEDA), marine biologist Carlos J. Peñaló (Codopesca), engineer Argentina Fuentes (Ucateci), and by Idiaf the researchers and specialists in aquaculture : Mrs. Walkiria Alvarez, Mrs. Sonáliz Corniel, engineer Diógenes Castillo and engineer Miguel Reyes.

The diploma will last for 104 hours and the cost of participation is RD $ 23,000.00, including fieldwork on pond and floating cage projects and visit to the laboratories of the Santiago of Idiaf Aquaculture Experimental Station. Ucateci offers payment facilities for those interested.

Within this project, Ucateci and ISA universities will promote the updating of professional knowledge, as well as the development and strengthening of skills in the area of Aquaculture. The contents and strategies of teaching-learning are organized and structured through modules sequenced logically, with academic and methodological rigor.

The program includes the presentation of relevant topics related to aquaculture and aquaponics, including: aquaculture status, planning, engineering and execution of aquaculture enterprise, main species of native and cultured fish in the country, fish production system, management aquaculture systems design, nutrition and feeding technologies, diagnosis, treatment and control of fish diseases, regulations required to establish aquaculture exploitation, financial aspects, processing, packaging and marketing.

The event is being coordinated at Ucateci by Mrs.  Ana Burgos Acevedo and Mrs. Argentine Fuentes from Ucateci and Mr. Miguel Reyes from IDIAF.

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