WABEF - Results Factsheet

Anaerobic digestion has been promoted to decision makers and practitioners interested in installing a biogas plant in West Africa as a way to recycle bio-wastes for energy and fertiliser use, and thus closing the organic matter loop. An operational tool has been developed for each step of the biogas value chain: availability of bio-wastes; supply needs for different anaerobic digestion systems; use of biogas and agronomic management of bioslurries; viability for the whole value chain business; and ready-to-use knowledge (theoretical and practical) for decision makers and practitioners. A policy brief has been published on the integrated development of the biogas sector in West Africa describing and illustrating why the usage of bio-wastes for the production of biogas should be promoted, how it should be produced, and what policy and financial incentives are needed to promote a wider use of biogas.

Thursday, April 4, 2019
Western Africa Biowastes for Energy and Fertilizer
Agriculture and food security
Energy access and efficiency