StopRats - Results Factsheet

Groups of researchers, knowledge disseminators, policy makers, public and private sector service providers and end users in several African countries discussed rodent pest issues and why rodents continue to be a severe pest problem for the great majority of African families. These discussions have resulted in a number of high-impact publications aimed at informing policy, raising awareness and generating new knowledge about the constraints and opportunities to improve rodent pest control in Africa. For example, the role and impact of avian and mammalian predators in controlling rodent pests, currently lacks evidence. As such, this has led to many anecdotal accounts and a lack of appreciation by smallholder farmers on the need to conserve habitats for wild carnivores. Clear communication bottlenecks between farming communities and extension services were identified. The project team members have improved their empirically-based assessment skills, ensuring future research will address key problems of new technology innovation and rodent impact assessment.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019
Sustainable Technology to Overcome Pest Rodents in Africa Through Science
Agriculture and food security