SATTIFS - Results Factsheet

The participating universities have strengthened their capacity to tackle food security and economic development issues in the agricultural sector at local level. Three Centres for Innovation and Technology Dissemination (CITED) were created with staff interacting with, and laboratories providing mycotoxins and food analyses for, researchers, farmers, public administrators and suppliers.

Trainers-of-trainers, farmers, researchers and consultants were trained in the management and organisation of sustainable crop farming. Artisans were trained to accurately respond to the specific needs of clients in the production of agricultural equipment (ploughs, seeders, dryers). Manuals for the application of appropriate technologies (use of oxen for sowing, cultivation associations, packaging for grain storage and drying plants…), as well as guidelines on correct supply chain management of cocoa, coffee and cereals were developed and widely distributed to farmers.

Thursday, March 14, 2019
Strengthening innovation and technology dissemination for sustainable development in cereals, cocoa and coffee value chains in Western and Eastern Africa
Agriculture and food security