Potato value chains - Results Factsheet

Setting up the ‘East Africa potato research and knowledge exchange forum’ - a research cluster made up of 16 research entities - has facilitated the exchange of information, the creation of 4 topical multi-stakeholder research groups (dealing with varieties, cultivation, storage and seeds), and the establishment of a web-based ‘East Africa potato value chain knowledge-sharing portal’. This portal promotes co-operation between research organisations (primarily from East Africa) to create, update and use innovative technologies and best practices to enhance the quality of the potato value chain in East Africa. It contains a repository of scientific articles, guidelines on innovative technologies and best practices in the agri-food domain (relevant to the potato sector), country-specific policy recommendations (Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda), a database on East African and European potato research communities, and also enables scientists to prepare joint project proposals.

Thursday, April 4, 2019
Strengthening the capacities for fostering innovation along potato value chains in East Africa
Agriculture and food security