NEED - Results Factsheet

NEED has interlinked initiatives, research institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises, national and local public decision makers in the area of renewable energy technologies to contribute to a wider acceptance of renewable energy within Southern Africa. Research policies were formulated, a process for the alignment of industry standards in the region was initiated, involving the local industry, the national and Southern African Development Community (SADC) standardisation bodies. Furthermore, higher education and vocational training institutions, and national training authorities were interlinked and an undergraduate dual-study programme in renewable energy technology was developed to serve as a blueprint for the region. Energy concepts and transition roadmaps, i.e. a community-based methodology for the transition from fossil to renewable energies for two model regions (fossil-free wetlands and renewable mini-grid drylands) were developed. Scientists involved in renewable energy technologies have been enabled to ensure increased supply of secure energy in the region.

Thursday, April 4, 2019
Network of Excellence in Renewable Energy Technologies for Development
Energy access and efficiency