INVOCAB - Results Factsheet

An average 12% increase in the passes for external science examinations was achieved for Mathematics, Agricultural Science, Integrated Science and Information Technology at the eight participating secondary schools in Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago. Teaching strategies and classroom delivery methodologies in both the primary and secondary schools were improved, for instance on the integration of practical activities (simplifying the types of cell division, observing density and polarity, and identifying real life application of vectors). The schools were also provided with laboratory equipment, scientific charts, reagents and models of major human internal systems and organs. The establishment of two ‘Science centres’ in Jamaica at the Mico University College and the Church Teachers’ College facilitated the access to resources not available in all schools. The resource manuals which were produced for teachers will be used in both countries island wide.

Thursday, April 4, 2019
Improving Innovation Capacities in the Caribbean
Trinidad and Tobago
Agriculture and food security
Energy access and efficiency