IFCIC - Results Factsheet

An International Fine Cocoa Innovation Centre has been established showcasing a multi-pronged approach to the development of a sustainable cocoa industry. A 6-acre model cocoa orchard has been established to deliver training to cocoa producers. Information and technology services for farmers (DNA fingerprinting, quality certification, traceability, branding services), basic and advanced chocolate making training (>250 trainees), and technology and business incubation to support value addition have been operationalised. Chocolate making equipment was purchased to supply intermediate raw material to chocolatiers resulting in 59 new start-ups and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, and a business cluster around the cocoa farming sector. Enterprises were exposed to public and regional markets through four World Cocoa and Chocolate Day Expos and other trade expos and fairs to assist in building their markets. The development of a cocoa breeding programme in Jamaica was also supported.

Thursday, April 4, 2019
International Fine Cocoa Innovation
Trinidad and Tobago
Agriculture and food security