BIOCHAR PLUS - Results Factsheet

Biochar knowledge and research findings were transferred into technology implementation, community development and policy advancement in Western, Eastern and Southern Africa. Existing biochar research and knowledge were analysed, structured and circulated during awareness raising and networking events to decision makers and the general public. Good practices and pilot activities on biochar, waste biomass recycling and ELSA improved clean cooking stoves resulted in the communities absorbing biochar technology due to endogenous learning and a participatory approach. The Africa Biochar Partnership was established as a continental platform for promoting and developing biochar and pyrolytic clean cooking systems: it serves as a hub for local, national, regional and continental institutions (municipalities, ministries, public development agencies, etc.), universities, research centres, foundations and the private sector for peer-to-peer exchange, learning, training, and coordination of biochar programmes.

Thursday, April 4, 2019
Energy, health, agricultural and environmental benefits from biochar use: building capacities in ACP Countries
Cabo Verde
Sierra Leone
Agriculture and food security
Energy access and efficiency