AFRHINET - Results Factsheet

A technology-transfer and market-oriented framework strategy focusing on rainwater harvesting and its use in agriculture was produced. In addition, a transnational ‘ACP-EU network on rainwater harvesting irrigation (RWHI) for improved food security and poverty alleviation (AFRHINET)’ for sub-Saharan Africa was established. This network facilitates the exchange and transfer of efficient and innovative know-how and technologies in the field of RWHI. A set of Research and Technology Transfer Centres were established at universities in Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique and Zimbabwe which act as knowledge hubs and focal points for bridging institutional, administrative and policy-making levels as well as bringing the issue of rainwater harvesting close to local businesses, NGOs and the civil society as an effective tool for poverty alleviation and income generation in rural communities.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019
An ACP-EU Technology Transfer Network on Rainwater Harvesting Irrigation Management for Sustainable Dryland Agriculture, Food Security and Poverty Alleviation in sub-Saharan Africa
Agriculture and food security