Sustainable Energy for Africa - Conference

Date: 15 June 2017

The aim of this three-day conference is to raise public and private awareness of the opportunities and challenges of sustainable energy in Africa by bringing together a number of high-level experts who will discuss energy policy topics from a political, socio-economic, scientific and/or technical point of view. The issues will be discussed amongst policy makers and academic and/or industrial authorities in front of an international audience. One of the outcomes of the conference will be the launch of a “Massive Open Online Course” (MOOC) in a scientific or socio-economic field of common EU-African interest.

The conference is divided into five sessions, three of which are dealing with the following topics: Energy is crucial for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals;  Energy mix (hydro, solar, nuclear fission and bioenergy): towards robust, equitable and socially acceptable systems; and Research, innovation and education in support of sustainable energy policies.

Dates: 23-25 October, 2017

Venue: Palais des Académies / Paleis der Academiën, rue Ducale / Hertogsstraat 1 - B-1000 BRUSSELS

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