Spotlight on Southern African Sustainable Energy Initiative - SASEI

Date: 4 August 2017

Related Project: Southern African Sustainable Energy Initiative

The SASEI project's overall goal, is to enable the participating Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to engage in collaborative research, curriculum development, training and capacity building in a sustainable manner, by developing:
•    Systemic capacity;
•    Institutional capacity;
•    Individual capacity.

The project’s ultimate objective has been achieved through several initiatives including the establishment of a Master’s degree programme in Sustainable Energy Systems at Namibia University of Science and Technology, 10 accredited short courses in sustainable energy systems at National University of Lesotho, and a revision of the Bachelor’s programme in Engineering at the University of Botswana.

The project has conducted 2 International Renewable Energy Conferences, IRES 2015 at the Namibia University of Science and Technology, followed by the IREC 2016 at the University of Botswana. A Journal of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for Southern Africa (JREEESA) has been registered and furthermore the project has served to highlight the shortcomings, gaps and weaknesses in energy policy development among the partner countries.

To disseminate project results to beneficiaries and stakeholders the project established the Southern African Sustainable Energy Network (SASEN), to facilitate knowledge alliances linking education institutions, decision makers and key industry players concerning common issues and to find new solutions towards sustainable energy.

Three key persons have contributed to the success of SASEI and are featured in this editions SPOTLIGHT