Spotlight on Partnerships to Strengthen University Food and Nutrition Sciences Training and Research in Eastern and Southern Africa (PASUFONS)

Date: 6 December 2017

Related Project: Partnerships to strengthen university food and nutrition sciences training and research in Eastern and Southern Africa

The project sought to support the development of skilled human resources to contribute to food value addition and improvement in nutrition in Eastern and Southern Africa. Major achievements include the revision of 1 PhD and 2 M.Sc. degree programs with a focus on development of practical and research skills; training of 16 academic staff and 16 technicians to enhance their research and practical training skills; installation and operationalisation of 2 telematic learning centres; and operationalisation of an e-learning platform.

Using the virtual teaching approaches, students at participating universities have benefited from expertise at partner institutions. In addition to the aforementioned, 5 graduate students have been jointly supervised and/or examined by academics from partner universities, two book chapters, a policy brief and three general media articles were jointly authored. The project also led to multiple stakeholder engagements. In an effort to sustain collaboration, academics from partner universities developed 4 joint proposals out of which one has received funding of US$ 750,000 for a joint research project.

In general, the project has enhanced research and training capacity and strengthened collaboration among partners. With some additional funding already secured and more expected, collaboration is anticipated to continue.


Spotlight: Meeme Hadijah, Student, Master of Science Degree in Food Science and Technology, Makerere University

Spotlight: Judith Okoth, Lecturer,  Department of Food Science and Technology, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology

Spotlight: Grant Momple, Consultant, Food Science and Technology Industry, South Africa

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