Spotlight N°6 - Editorial

Date: 29 March 2017

Welcome to the 6th edition of the EDULINK II Spotlight.

In this edition we are featuring nine EDULINK II projects as examples of innovation and transformation of university courses and teaching methodologies. Each of the featured interventions are broadening the teaching of agricultural science to give more prominence to the linkages with agribusiness, entrepreneurial skills, market and social organisation including co-operative organisation and social entrepreneurship. The featured interventions have resulted in strengthening their networks of universities, practitioners, investors and policymakers and have introduced innovative teaching methods including e- learning and distance learning practices.

The featured individual testimonies are a reflection of the results being attained by our EDULINK II projects and the impact on the quality of education and management capacities to deliver these innovative and relevant courses. Capacity is being transferred to the HEIs via the skills trainings these individuals are receiving and this will be evident in their abilities to be innovative in the development and delivery of curricula, that include interests from high level trade negotiations to developing grass roots linkages to the market and social organisation and developing value chains for the exploitation of indigenous species amongst others. 

It is of course final reporting time for many of you and the time to start disseminating the results that have been achieved. The EDULINK TAU is ready to help you with this dissemination. With this in mind we have started asking you to contribute to the development of the so called Result Fact Sheets. These will be downloadable for your own use and will eventually be compiled into a compendium of EDULINK II projects and results. We thank you for your co-operation in producing these fact sheets. They will help enormously to disseminate the results of your projects especially amongst the stakeholders in Brussels and ACP member States. Once completed, the fact sheets and the compendium will be available for your own us. We will update you as this process develops.  

Looking to the future many of you have asked, what next?

As you now know all EDULINK type projects have now been transferred to ERASMUS + under the management of the EC’s Education, Audio Visual and Culture Executive Agency under the responsibility of the EC Directorate of Education and Culture.     

Some of you have experience of implementing projects under Erasmus + and combined with all of your experiences under EDULINK II, we draw your attention to the open consultation being held by the EC on the ERASMUS + programme. The consultation also supports the ex-post evaluation of the EDULINK II programme so even if you have not participated under the Erasmus + we urge you to participate. You may do so via the online questionnaire found on the Erasmus + website and is open until the 31 May 2017. It is vital that you get your opinions across to the EC for future programmes to remain relevant to you.

For those of you that are still implementing your projects, the TAU wishes you continued success and for those that have completed, we congratulate you on your success and in your contribution to the EDULINK II progamme and in achieving your objectives.