Spotlight on Mainbiosys - Mainstreaming the Bio famring System in Ethiopian and Ugandan Higher Education Institutions

Date: 21 November 2016

Related Project: Mainstreaming the Biofarming System in Ethiopian and Ugandan Higher Education Institutions

The aim of the project is to introduce biofarming and integrated bioeconomy systems into the university institutions of Ethiopia and Uganda. Biofarm is a teaching farm where nature conservation, renewable energies and organic agriculture are applied, developed by NGO Bioeconomy Africa. It is a unique opportunity to test and develop new approaches and technologies within the framework of sustainable agriculture.

In this context, the project’s goal is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and research methodology through the joint development of demonstration actions and the establishment of a research network among ACP and European Union HEIs, to enhance the partners’ capacity to train competent and professional experts in sustainable agriculture.

Among the results achieved so far: the organisation of a Biofarming Training School and 7 cycles of training activities in the partner’ universities and Bioeconomy Africa Biofarms; a training exchange programme for 8 postgraduate students/staff at the University of Molise, Italy; and the establishment and execution of 5 experimental demonstration actions carried out in Gulu University, Addis Ababa University and Hawassa University. 

Spotlight: Acaye Ongwech lecturer in the Department of Chemistry, Gulu University.

Spotlight: Ambrose Oduru, laboratory technician at Gulu University.

Spotlight: Engdawork Assefa, PhD, assistant professor at the Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development, at Addis Ababa University.