Spotlight on Food Security: from University to Territory

Date: 28 March 2017

Related Project: Food Security: from University to Territory

The objectives of the project is to contribute to food security in areas of poverty in the region of the Caribbean and to strengthen management capacity at the University in terms of learning and practice in the field of food security in areas of poverty, and in this order, during the period of the project, the results obtained are considered of great importance for the final beneficiaries.

The teaching of the specialty in agro environmental project management for sustainable social development began, where they had the opportunity to learn Economic Models and Local Development, which dealt with notions about the well-being and interpretation of the aspirations of the community, globalization and the importance of cooperative organization, the relevance of integrated agro-social projects and the importance of innovation and creativity applied to the territory. Planning and food sovereignty are also addressed, providing knowledge on territorial planning, taking into account the different agricultural production systems and their value chains.

These elements are considered of paramount importance when it comes to the formulation of projects capable of guaranteeing food security and sovereignty to local level; complex cartographic systems and statistics applied to territorial analysis, helping to reproduce these results in each territory and highlighting the importance in nutrition and food security in areas of poverty in the country and part of it in Cuba.

Spotlight: Franklin GARCIA, liaison officer for the project at the Universidad Central del Este

Spotlight: Martín E. PEÑA, agronomical engineer in the Valverde Province in Dominican Republic 

Spotlight: Yamel Martín VALERA CASTILLO, Valera Castillo, technical advisor for the Territorial Economic Development Agency of the province El Seibo (ADET-SEIBO).