Spotlight on Food Security and Biotechnology in Africa - EDULINK FSBA

Date: 6 December 2017

Related Project: Food Security and Biotechnology in Africa

The principal aim of the EDULINK-FSBA project (Food Security and Biotechnology in Africa) was to contribute to enhancing food security in Kenya, Nigeria and Burkina Faso by training the African partner HEIs in the sustainable application of biotechnology in food production. To this end, a Master-level curriculum was jointly elaborated by the FSBA project partners University of Eldoret (Kenya), University of Nigeria in Nsukka, University of Ouagadougou-I Pr Joseph Ki-Zerbo (Burkina Faso), and the University of Groningen (The Netherlands).

The partners have developed a common knowledge base in agricultural biotechnology, increased their synergy and incorporated this knowledge into the curricula. The curricula is available to be taught to future executives and policy makers, giving them the knowledge base required to develop and install efficient and effective regulation mechanisms.

The FSBA project would not have been feasible without the help of its associate, African Union's NEPAD-ABNE African Biosafety Network of Expertise, who agreed to place a link on its website to FSBA's course supports.

Available on, thus greatly expanding the project's impact.

Finally, under leadership of Prof. M.H. Dicko of UOI-JKZ, all FSBA partners are part of a consortium that is currently working to submit a project on the development of new Sorghum-based foods for Africa and beyond, to the  LEAP-Agri Call for Full Proposals 2017 (Long term EU-Africa research and innovation Partnership on food and nutrition security and sustainable Agriculture).

The project has chosen two participants to share their experiences of their interaction with the intervention.


Spotlight: Professor Jerry Ugwuanyi, Professor of applied microbiology (Bioprocess, Fermentation Technology & Food Microbiology), University of Nigeria

Spotlight: Miriam Kinyua, Professor of Plant Breeding and Biotechnology, University of Eldoret in Kenya.

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