African researchers show the world how to Stop Rats

Date: 7 February 2017

Related Project: Sustainable Technology to Overcome Pest Rodents in Africa Through Science

Rats are everywhere. They cause damage in a multitude of ways, from destroying field crops, to eating and contaminating stored food, spreading serious diseases among people and animals, and destroying infrastructure. Rodents can even cause house and farm fires by biting through electrical cables. NRI, together with research teams from six African countries, have been working on a project known as ‘StopRats’ which aims to significantly reduce the impact of rodents on people’s lives.

Carrying out innovative research to increase our understanding of how we can more sustainably control rodents was a big part of the StopRats initiative. Some of this work was recently published in the journal PLoS One. This paper shows that Domestic Cats and Dogs Create a Landscape of Fear for Pest Rodents around Rural Homesteads.  More